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trial and error

This printing is growing. From separate pictures into a book. A book about landscape, and how people show relationship to land and nature in words and sometimes pictures as well. Something to muse on in times of isolation and quarantine.

And the book makes good progress in coming to live actually. Sometimes however.... do you know that feeling that you take a print from the printing press and something is not quite right? And than a internal bump as you find that you have started a new landscape on top of a finished print, now totally destructed...?

That piece about nature, words and relationship might sound a bit highbrow. However many mundane mistakes are made in the proces. And some of them turn out beautifully. I intend to use those mistakes, or trail prints, or 'unique prints' :) as part of the books - they are to good to let go.

So there will be unique covers for this book I guess...

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