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6&7 November: Boekkunstbeurs

Next Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of November will be the days of the Dutch book fair for hand printing and hand printers, the 'Boekkunstbeurs' in the Pieterskerk in Leiden. Last year it had to be cancelled. And I'm really looking forward to meeting again all printers and lovers of limited edition books. Posters are up!

The society has been very active in the last two years, I get the impression. Many new books and members. And even me, my middle name being the '1000poot' - the one with a thousand legs or hands, I have been very active. Below you find a list of the books I created last two years.

Story of a Humble Man, a short story much resembling a folk tale that manages to catch your attention and give you something every time you read it, richly illustrated!

In jouw irissen geen baggerslootjes, most beautiful (Dutch) poetry, about our local land and polders.

De feiten in de zaak Murks deel 2 'Mundus Subterraneus' . While online readers are involved in this enervating story (already at episode 55) about the adventures of Murks en Willem, has part two found its way into our material world. Author Tim Huisman takes us unerringly through the quirks and curves of this underwordly world.

And next the log books "Pagings through this booklet, you go around the island. Walking around the island, you can write down your experiences in this booklet". There is a little log book for the islands of Schiermonnikoog, Vlieland and Tiengemeten. Texel is being reprinted and will be ready at the fair. Tiengemeten is also available in a special edition at Bezoekerscentrum van Tiengemeten :)

And last the book that has a cover created from 'misprints', each and every one unique and that is dearest to my heart: Glen Book. It takes you through the Scottisch glens in a manner of speaking, moody and all. The book is not so much the logging op an individual multi day walk. It is about the relations between word, land and visuals.

More surpises are being prepared, like a new recepy print. Maybe some christmas angels and other unica... And then there are all the other printers and their products. Too much to list, more than enough to come and have a look. So feel very welcome on November 6th and 7th in Leiden for our Dutch 'Boekkunstbeurs'.

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