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At all started sweet and simple. A nice idea to make a post stamp design for the PRIORITY exhibition at Roofprint Pers from Leni van den Berge.

That is still an option and it has a nice motto: 'meetings'. In my visual language meetings are generally linked with places to meet, and that includes houses - for sure - and letters that travel from one place to another to bring people together. Especially in a time when more direct meetings are not always possible. An idea soon entered my brains and the design was easily put on paper. The design and its measurement do bring home to me the feeling of trust, earth-connection, your own place.

Really nice is making actual post stamps from your own design (possible at the dutch post office company). I did a try-out, and sending letters works :) So, soon I will be sending out a nice package to the Roofprint Pers as a possible contribution to the exhibition.

I made it all using woodcut print. To add structure and liveliness to the picture and a sense of each print being a singular own specific home. Woodcut print also helps very much to experiment with the colours used and the blending of those colours. Original prints are very nice and saturated in color, and some are still for sale.

Experiments in color and trying to communicate a feeling of home and the importance of a safe home, logically brought the next thing. To support those organisations that help victims of Putin's war.

"This print is about home and safety, which need Peace. The prints are also part of the #oneofmanypostcard emergency run. I send these prints out as postcards for who asks, and request in return that you make a donation to an organisation supporting victims of the Putin war in Ukraine

- DM me if you want one, 26 prints are available.

- I will be sending these postcards using low budget lightweight packaging. So I can afford to send out more.

- Please tag anyone you think might be interested.

And many thanks to @johnapedder for support and stamina to keep this going. We will be needing to keep support going for a real long while I’m afraid.

The 1/many postcard initiative from the UK helpt helps to raise funds, usually for a charity of the postcard's recipient's own choice. This time round it is for victims and refugees of the Ukraine. In case you would like to support (again) check #oneofmanypostcard on instagram. This really will require a long term effort. there are still some left of my cards, but many more there! Alls support helps.

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