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g l e n BOOK

Why would I ever share a 3-days walk?? Most people walk and make diaries, very personal and valuable, great memories. What is the essential part those memories share? What part would be worthwhile to re-envision and share in a book? [Every walk is unique. Every walker has a unique walk. They can be relived in memory. And sharing the unique experience somehow just fails to really do justice to each person's own memory. Yet one tries!]

This time I've re-envisioned some experiences of a certain walk made once through the West Highlands of Scotland, yet specifics are not the important thing... It is the essential part about landcape and the power of language to link ourselves to the land. Some pictures, some quotes, and even some figures, just because they are so relative :)

Each item is a story in itself, or may try to be a completely objective fact in itself. Which is of course never the case, the change according to who's next to them, their sequence and the time of the day you read them. Objective facts are sort of non-existent met when reliving a walk, things are depending on time and perspective...

I honestly do hope that the total collection in the book does do this dynamic job... The job of giving a reader a sense of the place. Pictures are my own, quotes mostly not - they have been collected from many books and it is the combination of the quotes that does tell a story, rather than just the individual ones. Likewise for the figures. I like them, they are very good at posing for objective facts. Yet they are most tricky of all and do tell a different story to everybody!!

Okay, lets stop mystical talking and lets look.

There are 20-odd copies of this book. Each in unique cover of trial-prints from the pictures inside:

The book is called g l e n BOOK.

Texts are handprinted, using metal type, and a very nice texture that it gives! The are in the language of the originator, mostly English, some Dutch. In their strange combination they talk together about the power of language to link us with the landscape.

Pictures are 7 woodcut prints, all originals

The itinerary is printed in woodtype.

And the cover is made of 'left-over trial prints' ! multiple parts of all prints printed on top op each other, combined, trying out colors, fun mixes ...! As in the movie above...

An original copy of the book is for sale in my own shop, and on show by visiting me. Separate prints are for sale as well.

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