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Dutch title 'In jouw irissen geen baggerslootjes'

Proud to present a new hand printed book by Drukkerij de 1000poot:

This is the first sentence of a very beautiful Dutch poem, and I am afraid I really cannot translate this one. ' In your eyes only doesn't even come close. The very nice thing about this poem is that it has been created in close contact with some lino cuts of mine. The linocuts that I made about Dutch landscape and translating that landscape to a single shape are my contribution to the project. Nine very short haiku like poems are Marianne van Velzen's contribution to the project. She is current and very committed Leiden town poet as wel!! The total result being a fine hand printed book, a real collection of poetry.

For both Marianne and me its was new to work with a very limited set of words or shapes. And somehow the result is a well knitted book where poems and illustrations are talking to each other. I mean like really interacting. (in Dutch that is....)

The flycover is printed in wooden type, giving a poem in itself: “Er zijn woorden die stromen bedaren, heuvels gladstrijken en zeeën laten golven” And when you finish this sweet book, there is last a poem on the back cover to say goodbye to you. The book has is a very simple sew-together single quire and cover. You might recongnize a few here, I did share single pictures of these in the #oneofmanypostcard project during the last year. Just to share some of it ahead and busy experimenting with colors.

There are also some very beautiful left overs from this printing project as well, I like to share some of the trial/proofing prints :-)

We are working towards a real life presentation. Still, the book is for sale in my shop (separate prints without text and in multiple color options are available from my site as well, in limited editions). And when there is news about events around this book, we will let you know!

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