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Soothing light

This is another illustration for my Middle Earth project, which is again an endless project. So nice, I can always work on it whenever there is nothing else... But that is really truly nice you know. On the practical side is digital Procreate illustration on an ipad an any-time-any-place activity. Light works different, I won't need day light especially. And no tools, mess and clearing up. No drying times either, and options to undo and redo. All extremely suitable to working at any moment.

Back to the project itself and this illustration. In the project I illustrate scenes from the books of Tolkien, mainly Lord of the Rings, as any walker could experience a walk through an almost magical landscape. In between those bookish lines there is much about landscape and weather. It always strengthens the wish to go walking and camp outdoors. Usually I have a specific quote from the story to illustrate and this never really focusses on fantasy or heroics, it's focus is on the land and the experiences of the long distance walker. In a previous post I showed the illustration about the night dreaming in Tom Bombadil's house.

This illustration is about a night in the Midgewater marshes. Long days of walking in relative restful days, just the hobbits, Strider and the watery environments. The soothing light of this illustration fits in with the restfulness and you can see Strider and one small hobbit (Frodo?) lookin into the night when the rest are sleeping. Moonlight, mists, pink colors... and distant mountains. Imagine some water birds. Wouldn't you want to camp out there?

Meanwhile, I'm still open to suggestions about favorite quotes, let me know! I just keep going on until I find a way to publish this one.

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