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new book 'Het bittere einde'

The new book is in Dutch only I'm afraid, yet it might be nice to see the pictures ...

And it is true, the series of Murks and Willem in #adreadfultale is really finished. The last episode is published, the printed book part III is published, the last few copies are bound and signed. Three beautiful books, featuring about 60 illustrations. The story is finished.

And, naturally, I'm missing the story already. No more episodes that appear in my mail all of a sudden, no more illustration to think about, no more secret meetings about publication dates. Willem en Murks have been good companions these last four years. So our last and final double fat part three has been made one to celebrate, a good sent off into the world at large. With a great title, 'Het bittere einde' translates as the bitter end ;) and very good reviews on the back page.

Copies will be nicely packaged whenever you order one, in a original-recycle-trial-print-paper-sleeves, each and every one unique. And did I mention that Willem en Murks are to be found amongst friends at the site of Dutch special printed books: Drukwerk In de Marge? A look is well worth the effort.

Still, I think it will be some time before I can value the true impact of this story and its publication. The story is a mix, college dreaming, man friendship, coming of age and the true nature of courage are things I find in there. What did you find?

For now I'm at least happy with the fact that it brought me illustration, and maybe I will do something again with this set of illustrations, like an exhibition or whatever. And for all faithful fans: when you have the three books already or when you consider purchasing the set, there will be a special gift box - hand printed of course.

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