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Show 'n tell in Corona times

This last weekend we had the luxury of the Leiden artroute ('kunstroute') organized by Museum de Lakenhal. I had an open studio and interested visitors (less than previous year, but much more interested - I think the real enthousiasts!).

This way I was able to show my latest work, and tell about it. And once again this felt a very essential part of making art.

Quality of work always improves by the notion that you will show it somewhere public, so that is one good reason for being part of such an art event. Another nice reason is that visitors get a sneek peak into the studio and so feel a bit of the creation proces. This allows for more interaction and in interaction things might become clear to me or to the other that where left implicit up to then. Sometimes it feels like finding a voice, at other times it is a new inspiration. Also good is the shared value given to art, it feels great and gives power to go on. As some sort of virtual artroute, I made a small phone movie, to show the studio as it has been this last weekend. It even has some voice over (in Dutch...)

So a big thank you to all visitors and organisation!!!

Some pieces of art have also found a new home, and I'm sure they will get a good welcome. And would always be interested in knowing how they are doing :)

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