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Remember when Goldberry said:

'Have peace now until the morning. Head no nightly noises. For nothing passes door and window here save moonlight and starlight and the wind off the hill-top. Good night!'

Yes, do you remember...??

It is Goldberry as in the mythical girl character that lives with Tom Bombadil, who walks the woods in yellow boots, remember?

I'm currently under the enchantmant of Tolkien again, and I'm making illustrations based on his stories, as I find so many small gems in there. Looking from the perspective of a walker and a lover of landscapes, I'm not trying to create fantasy into something real. I'm trying to make landscapes believably containing magic. At least that is what I am dreaming about :)

There are some great vista's tied away between the story lines. And those small gems like the one of a fox sniffing 3 hobbits sleeping out underneath a pine tree. If you ever remember such specific details that contain a word of imagination on their own, please let me know!

I do love the movies in their own right, and on a whole different note and perhaps even more I do love the illustrations of Cor Blok and Tove Johnson about Middle earth. But I'm trying to make this into something else again. Does that make sense to you? Not doing bette, but just adifferent thing.

Still, there is a whole host of inspirations and I could not do without. See right here the mood board that I created around this illustration....

In this post you see a first of those illustrations. They look great printed on A3 format. They can because I make them digitally. Those prints will be shown in my studio during 'Kunstroute Leiden'.

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