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from Episode by Episode to Long Read

Last autumn we published part 1 of 'De Feiten in de Zaak Murks' - also known as #adreadfultale. This was the evolution from online story and illustrations to an actual book that you can hold (see older posts and shop for details about the book part 1). Did you know I create the illustrations as simple sketsches on my phone? And is is really special to see those on paper for the first time.

By popular vote we will preparing part to it for real life publishing again. Exciting again, as it includes the professional printing of text and digital illustrations, the hand printing of covers, , the actual binding of the books... and of course the writing a good abstracts en raving reviews to be printed on the cover as well ;)

And meanwhile... check this link for a complete (online) free read of part 1 and part 2, enjoy!!

And even more meanwhile: will it be continued? Part 3 had been promised and it will start to appear in my instagram feed, stay tuned! To be continued..

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