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Dutch exhibition 'Mooi Marginaal'

Want some good news?? Our (Tim the author and me making the illustrations..) book #adreadfuletale part 1 has been selected as part of the beautiful catalog and Dutch biannual travelling exhibition of 50 best small books: 'Mooi Marginaal'. Read the lovely jury comments, Murks and Willem are honoured indeed, and their respect for their creators is growing ;-) Even though they are set to stumble and splutter along in part two and three, not being happy at all....

This is my favorite illustration from our book. It is scary, I don't usually achieve a scary effect. And is has a sort of 30ties dark color wood cut feel to it. An effect which I was aiming for at the start of this project, even though I make these illustrations digitally on the screen of my phone. All that and pink! I used to be vary wary, even scared of using pink. You know, girlish and so on. But using it in tis sketch got me over and now I really have entered the brave country of daring to use pink - it's a good place to be.

The book is indeed only part one. Online (#adreadfultale on instagram) we are running this story in the first place and now up to episode 42 I believe. And even publishing part two is now really almost finished. It will return from the printer really soon. Covers and back are printed (see the teaser pic in the left-down corner below...), just the binding left to do.

One thing I would like to share about the illustrations is the interior as shown below, who wouldn't want that as her or his students room? I made it however thinking of the interiors painted by Matisse, he remains such a great source of inspiration to so many....

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