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Does one update a painting?

That is kind of a serious question, really. Sometimes a favorite painting can become just a little bit better by altering it a bit. Usually when it is not a favorite painting, I don't bother at all and discard the painting in the end. It is the favorite ones that are worth the effort. As some famous painter once said: even when you need to alter just a little bit, you will need to touch the whole canvas again.

Look at this darling below. It is about summer and winter dykes and the wet lands surrounding those dykes. The non-perfect perspective makes this painting so special for me - some people don't like it, or maybe don't understand it, up to them of course, their loss ;)

But somehow it's dimensions needed a little bit of alteration all the same - or so I found after 7 or eight years... Long time watching and internal debating. And then I tried...

Yup, no simple adaptation, much has been touched. Yet it might seem small overall. And I love it even more!

This small painting will be on show during Kunstroute Leiden in my studio, with friends!

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